Our Services


Due to  the incidence of political assassinations, kidnapping, armed attacks and carjacking in the society, it has necessitated the use of armed escorts by high net worth individuals and expatiates. At watchdog we provide reliable armed escorts service anywhere within Nigeria. our drivers are trained in defensive driving techniques while our escort commanders are experienced in route planning and convoy movement to ensure safety of our clients. our customers service is also equal to none.

(Watchdog Security has the approval of the Nigeria Police to use armed Policemen in support of our escort assignments) 

There are special occasion requiring specializes security functions such as crowd control, searches, surveillance , access control, monitoring and guarding. Watchdog security officers are well trained in handling the security aspect of socialized functions . We also offer security services to cover annual general meetings, award ceremony and inaugurations

We provide different breeds of dogs for security. Our dog handlers are put through the International Institute courses and have regular training to make sure we provide the most up to date techniques in dog patrol security.Watchdog security  also sale, train and cross-breed guard dogs.

We track vehicles with our advanced technological devices for live vehicle tracking and remote immobilization to ensure your vehicle is safe where ever it is.

We deploy our guard to your premises, our officers are very vigilant; they search for unusual, threatening or suspicious situations and document events thereby preventing unwanted incidents as well as providing records for future reference.

Whether it is a small home, a building, or an estate, Watchdog Security can provide professional and reliable security services. We provide security systems that are monitored around the clock. We can give you 24/7 peace of mind knowing that if a detected emergency does happen, we will be there to swing into action.

We at Watchdog Security sees  need for regular checks on your premises, plant equipment, car parks and areas susceptible to graffiti in the absence of a permanent guard is addressed by vehicle patrols. Mobile vehicle patrol checks will ensure that any anomalies occurring are detected and corrective actions are taken immediately rather than wait for the next working day. Situations that may lead to huge losses or damage to equipment will need urgent attention.

We provide Special And Detailed Country Briefings For New Arrivals In Nigeria. We provide meet-and-greet / airport protocol services and security / country briefing for our clients on request.  Such services include the provision of passenger vehicle(s) and patrol team(s) as requested by the client. This service is to convey and escort visitors  from the airport to hotels or private residences, provide escort services for the duration of their stay or as need be and also provide such services on their return.

Our goal is to help our staff safe and protect your profits. From on-site security installations and maintenance through remote monitoring, we provide a consultative service to resolve your security challenges and find an efficient integrated, cost-effective solution to minimize the loss and inconvenience that crimes can have on your business. Our award winning company has already gained an enviable reputation for delivering this high level bespoke security 

We train security operatives in organizations that need to constantly update their teams with the latest information in security. We are partnered with Global security solutions in London and Spain in training consultancy.